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Wow Coolest Pets: The Amani Bear October 17, 2007

Posted by erbodie in Pets, Strategy.
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It is only on the PTR (Public Test Realm) for now, but hunters can enter Zul’Aman, the new 10-man instance that Blizzard will make available with Patch 2.3, and tame this cool looking pet. Unfortunately, it does not have any special abilities, but the look!Thanks to Mania for publishing a mini-guide to tame it. A few suggestions:

  • When you enter Zul’aman and talk to the NPC to open the door, stay outside of aggro distance of the door.
  • Place your (trash) pet on stay as far as you can at the back of the hall, and misdirect the two elite trolls at the door on it.
  • 6 other elite mobs are going to climb up the stairs to attack your pet, and it will be probably dead quickly so they will aggro on you.
  • Place your frost trap and run as far as possible down the stairs, towards the right and fd. Pay attention to the 2-mobs pat as well.
  • Further on right, you will see the bear boss. Hug the right wall until you see the bear pets and go around the first couple of trees. If you don’t hug the wall enough, you will aggro the bears, and potentially the three NPCs there.
  • Shooting the closest bear to trap it will aggro another one. As opposed to fearing the second one, I double trapped the two bears, and had time to tame the first one before the second trap broke – and the second bear killed me. Imp traps is a must to make this happen IMHO.
  • Update: I also went in last night on the PVE PTR with another hunter. With two MD’s on the elite guards, and two traps to freeze and tame the bears, it was a quick 5 mins to get it done.Enjoy the tells in the city when you have that pet up :-).Update: I have tried to tame this bear in ZA after the release of Patch 2.3, and unfortunately the Amani bear is no longer tameable. Damn! Please leave a comment if you have had a different experience.Zul’aman bear



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